New York City with kids.


I really love New York City and Todd does too.  Our kids had never been before and I didn’t want them to feel too overwhelmed on their first visit. Our kids ranged in age from four to twelve when we took them for the first time.  There is so much to do in the city so I’ll be breaking this post into a few different posts.


Sleep:  Marriot Marquis

We loved this hotel!  It is located in the heart of Times Square and our room had this amazing view.  Our kids loved it!  Times Square isn’t my favorite part of New York City, but I think everyone needs to experience it.  Besides our hotel, I think their favorite part of Times Square was the two story Disney Store.  Times Square is also a good are to stay by with kids because it is centrally located.


After we checked into our hotel our kids had their first subway experience.  The subway was a little overwhelming to them the first time.  After a few rides on it they were pros.  Our four year old Evie was in a phase where she wanted to do a goofy face in each photo;)


Wander:  Brooklyn Bridge

One of my all time favorite things to do is walk the Brooklyn Bridge close to sunset.  The lighting is awesome for photos and the city looks so pretty.  It’s a pretty long walk with kids, but we promised them pizza and ice cream on the Brooklyn side.


Eat:  Juliana’s and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Once you cross the bridge walk over to Juliana’s for the best pizza you will ever have!  It really was voted the best pizza in the country by USA Today.  Juliana’s isn’t huge so if you are worried about taking your kids you can call ahead and get it to go.  Juliana’s is by the promenade in Dumbo and their are tons of tables or benches you can eat at if you go that route.


After pizza head to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for the creamiest ice cream and amazing views of Manhattan.  If you go, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory only takes cash.

Wander: American Girl Doll Store on 5th Avenue

The American Girl Doll store on 5th Avenue is huge and has a restaurant and spa for the dolls.


Wander:  Central Park

There are so many fun things to do with kids in Central Park.


I’ll be posting more fun things to do with kids in New York City soon!


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