Flight Deals

I really love to plan trips!  Some I actually go on!  Others are just bucket list trips that I research because I love planning trips that much!  About a year ago I found a flight app that has helped me find the best deals on flights and I was instantly hooked.OntheFlyApp
The app is called On The Fly and it is free!

Here’s how it works.  On the first page found below you are able to select if your flight is round trip or one way.  Then you select which airport you are flying from and which airport you are flying to.  The next step gives you the flexibility of putting in specific dates or choosing the calendar option.  The calendar option will give you about a month window.  I always like to use this option first if I have any flexibility on dates.  It’s amazing to see how much a flight price can fluctuate and I’m always trying to find the best deal.  You then choose the number of passengers that will be flying.

Flight Tip 1

I am hopefully going to New York in a few months and the screen shot below shows the information I entered.  I have noticed some pretty big price differences between flying into JFK or Laguardia depending on the day so I chose both airports for my search.

Flight Tip 2

Once you have entered all your information you will see the screen below with some type of graph showing you the fluctuating price over the course of the time frame you entered.  You can see below that flights to New York have some serious fluctuations!  I have booked flights to other locations where the the flight cost is the same the whole month.  Flight Tip 3

I went ahead and selected the lowest flight for the month at $351.  On the next page It shows that there is a flight a little bit cheaper that day from $344.  It also shows what airlines are offering what prices and if the flight is nonstop.

Flight Tip 4

I selected the flight from Frontier and the screen below shows the details of my outbound flight. Flight Tip 5

The next screen would show my return flight options.  I selected one of those and the screen below is my final itinerary with all the details.  There is an option to try to book the flight through the app, but I always just go from there to directly booking with the airline I have chosen.  Some of the reviews I have read about the app have said they have noticed a difference in the price on the airlines website versus the app, but from my experience so far they have been accurate.Flight Tip 6


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